Everyone was happy with the oil furnace

When dad suggested we go away for the holidays, I thought he was booking a hotel somewhere warm, away from the chilly winter.

However, he had something else in mind.

Since almost everyone was tied up in summer time to come home, he knew this was the right time to do a family trip. Dad organized and announced in the family chat that he was renting a cottage for us. This rental was in an area where we used to go camping in the summer when we were teenagers. Everyone thought that was a great system because it was a fun experience for the whole family. and, the teenagers could participate in the family tradition. However, we all wanted assurance that the place had a reliable furnace. No one wants to be stuck in the middle of nowhere without a furnace to keep warm. Dad was adamant that the cottage had a reliable oil furnace. He had called and inspected, and the rental agent assured him we’d be comfortable because of the oil furnace. The trip was to last the entire Christmas break, so we made sure we shopped for enough food and supplies, however upon arriving at the cottage, we found it sizzling and cozy. Someone had come in earlier, and made sure the oil furnace was sizzling so we’d enjoy a pleasant space the hour we arrived. Dad was so happy the rental agent had been fair about the amazing oil furnace that he promised to leave a stellar review when we got back home. The cottage also had a smart control component that made it so easy to set the temperature the entire time.

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