He had to get a whole apartment air scrubber

Be aware when it’s time to accept a loss.

Not all things you try in life will be a definite success.

Failure is normal, and it can happen to anyone. At the start of the pandemic, Oscar saw himself failing at something he loved. Three years before, he had set up a small restaurant, and it was doing amazing. After training as a culinary chef, and being employed at top restaurants,Oscar finally had a location of his own. His dad, who has experience in restaurant management, joined him at the business, and it took off. But all that came to an end when COVID 19 hit. Oscar was devastated. He had to move back home with his folks since times were tough, but at least he had his health. After months living at home, Oscar landed a job, and could move into a tiny flat. This location wasn’t the best, however it was suitable. It only needed some changes including adding an UV air purifier. About a month into living in the flat, Oscar started sneezing and coughing. At first, he thought it was a cold, however soon realized it was the exhausting indoor air pollen levels. His folks, who had their own house, encouraged him to try using an UV air purifier. They said at times air quality can be causing such symptoms. Oscar took their advice and bought a portable UV air purifier for his flat. The difference was almost immediate in that he was breathing better, and the cough was gone. Truly, adding an UV air purifier can improve your health as well as living comforts.


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