HVAC techs were busy this summer

I feel bad for the heating and air conditioning techs, it seems they are pretty busy this summer! I know during the summer and winter, that is when all of the A/C specialists are busy because everyone is demanding HVAC service for their systems.

  • Thankfully for me, I just had my air conditioning device checked a month or so ago, before they all became super busy.

The A/C tech said my air conditioner should work fine for the rest of the summer. This was great news to hear, and even better knowing that I don’t have to worry about the HVAC machine this summer. Well anyways, my nephew is actually a HVAC worker. He just became HVAC certified last year, and was hired almost immediately by a HVAC corporation. There is a high demand for A/C workers here, and it seems like there are more A/C dealers hiring than there are available A/C professionals! My nephew took advantage of this and he has gotten to be very choosy about what job he gets, since they are in such high demand. Anyways, I talked to him a few days ago, and the poor thing just sounded so exhausted! I apparently called him right before he arrived home, which was surprising, because it was 8 pm! He told me that everyone at his A/C corporation has been working longer hours to compensate for all of the extra appointments. I didn’t talk to him long, because I knew he wanted to relax, but I felt so bad for him!

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