I work for my brother’s heating and cooling business

I was working for a contractor in the neighborhood before the pandemic.

This was our first task after graduating from university with a business degree.

The future seemed bright, and I had ambitions to rise up the corporate ladder. But, who could predict what 2020 had in store at its onset? By March 2020, I was out of a task, and thinking about moving back home with our parents. Life was getting pretty frightening, and I remember speaking with our friends about what to do next. My folks wanted me to go home, but our older sibling said there was no need to do so. He is the owner of a heating and cooling business in the same neighborhood I was living in. My brother had started this business multiple years ago, and it was a single of the most sought-after heating and cooling businesses. Instead of going home to wallow in our sorrows, he told me to transfer in with his family, and work for his business. This thought had never crossed our mind since I had no interest in heating and cooling. But, our position wouldn’t entail doing the actual heating and cooling repairs, upgrade, and service. My brother made me his assistant, and the money wasn’t bad at all. My task was to make his life easier in the office since the heating and cooling business had grown immensely. The first few months I was there were full of training on COVID protocols, and ensuring all heating and cooling specialists had the right protective gear before going out on appointments. To be honest, I never thought I’d have so much fun working for a heating and cooling business, but two years later, I enjoy it.
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