It’s important to have an media UV air purifier at home

My mom is now a full on animal mom.

She’s consistently loved cats, and had a single when she was a kid. However, dad was allergic to fur, so we couldn’t have any pets in our home growing up. Mom loved going to see our friend who had cats. She would spend time petting them. When my parents divorced, mom finally got her wish. She was so cheerful to call me with news that she had been to the rescue shelter to volunteer. While there, mom came across four kittens whose mother had passed away, and she couldn’t leave them there. Mom adopted the kittens, and now she was a full on animal mom. I could hear the happiness in her voice, and also knew this would be followed by multiple pictures and videos. Apart from telling me about her cats, mom called for advice on the best media UV air purifier to buy. She recently purchased a current house, and it had a fantastic and functional heating and cooling system. I went ahead to ensure mom’s heating and cooling system had a HEPA filter. This is a great quality air filter that ensures great indoor air conditions. However, with four cats in the house, mom was upset about the indoor air conditions. She remembered I had once mentioned getting a media UV air purifier, if she ever got a pet. As a heating and cooling specialist, I know it’s important to tell your clients about the best way to keep their homes comfortable with pets around. Mom opted for a portable media UV air purifier, despite the fact that I proposed she go with a whole home UV air purifier.
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