She was cheerful to have portable air conditioning

Lisa has been living in her home for five years. In those years, she has had many amazing and bad experiences. Her vision was consistently to leave the neighborhood and live somewhere serene. So when a position that was remote opened up, with another company, Lisa didn’t hesitate to make the switch. After a year, she managed to relocate to a rural area where she bought the fantastic home that came with 5 acres of land. The area is remote, but safe, and she can access fast internet connection. Lisa can wake up, take a walk or a jog or a hike, and then get to work in her small office. While she was prepared for the remoteness of the area, winter was a whole other matter. Her first winter, Lisa got to use the gas furnace that came with the cabin. Her real estate agent had mentioned about updating the gas furnace so she could be safe in winter. However, Lisa didn’t have the funds for a current furnace, so she opted to have the gas furnace inspected, then hoped it would hold up. The gas furnace did well for two months that winter. But by the fifth month, there were signs that it would fail; Fortunately, Lisa had a powerful space heating system with her for just that time. The space heating system saved her from enduring a chilly winter night when the gas furnace failed. Lisa used it on and off until she could afford to replace the frail gas furnace in her cabin. It took saving for the entire winter, Spring, and summer. By fall the following year, Lisa had the money to get the task done.

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