The small cottage would need a ductless heat pump

Alex and his friend had been talking about trying their hand at business – holiday rentals.

  • The two had traveled a lot during their college years, and got to stay in many holiday rentals.

Such properties would bring in extra income for the owners, who were working other tasks. They had even spoken to some owners and gotten insight into the business. Now that they were working great tasks and had money saved up for a business, they thought about dipping their toes into the holiday rentals world. Alex had gotten word of this small home for sale on two acres of land. The two friends jumped at the chance since this place had already been working as a holiday rental. But, before they could rent it out, it needed work, including installing a new heat pump. The previous owner had a wood stove in the cottage that guests could use in winter to remain warm. However, they were left to their own devices in summer time since the cottage didn’t have an AC. Alex and his friends knew the heating and cooling was pressing to potential guests, so they had to do something about it. The wood stone would stay since it made the place quite pleasant and affectionate in winter. However, adding a ductless heat pump would work wonders for the cottage, but guests wouldn’t need to wait ages for the home to warm up in winter, nor would they have to endure hot summer days without air conditioning. Also, the equipment wasn’t overpriced – it was within their budget.

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