The space heater helps the cats

I’ve been having a strenuous couple of weeks recently! My partner and I were at the park and my friend and I found a litter of unquestionably small kittens that didn’t seem to have a mother… I don’t even know if I lost their mother or if they were abandoned by her, however they were unquestionably cold and my friend and I could not leave them there. Since they were definitely needing warmth from my friend and I knew the perfect thing that would keep them warm and that was using our space here. It didn’t take long for the kittens to find the space furnace and instantly move to the warmth that the space furnace gave. I used to work in any other pet shelter so I’m fairly common with kitten development and these kittens look to be about 5 weeks old or so. So they still needed a lot of around the clock care however fairly soon they should start weaning. It was surely unquestionably adorable seeing them curl up in front of the space furnace and love the heat that it gave, but they’re growing so fast and my friend and I guess that eventually we’ll have to find homes for them. It’s going to be difficult to say goodbye because we are going to really miss them, however I’m just happy that my friend and I were able to find them and provide them a wonderful life. I’m also really happy that they love the space furnace so much, I love the space furnace too. It’s perfect for cold winter season nights. There is nothing more wonderful in front of the warmth of a charming space heater. It unquestionably sets the winter season theme.

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