They happened to mention the Heating and A/C company

Bramwell is close to his parents.

  • This is why it was so hard for them when he chose to go to college far away.

The program Bramwell wanted was available in other colleges, however this was the best in the country. He wasn’t sure he would get in, so Bramwell had some back up near his home just in case. Then the email arrived, and he was over the moon. But this meant leaving mom which was so hard to do. The summer before college, Bramwell and his parents made the decision to go on a trip and had so much fun together. It has been years since he relocated for college, graduated, and began his company which is doing quite well. The entire time Bramwell and his parents spoke daily, and traveled back and forth to see each other. This past summer, his parents were coming to see him so he was talking with them about their flight when they happened to mention the Heating and A/C company. His parents had hired a Heating and A/C professional the previous month to come do an inspection in their home. This was August, and that July their cooling costs were through the roof. The seasoned AC unit was costing them cash, and they wanted an upgrade. Bramwell’s folks mentioned a new AC would be arriving soon, and they wanted the work completed before their trip. It’s hard to live by the coast without respected air conditioning, so Bramwell knew his parents were right to ensure the modern unit was installed before catching their flight. The Heating and A/C contractor they hired was the same person they’d used when he was living back home, so Bramwell knew his mom and dad were in the best hands. They’d ensure they got the right A/C to keep their home cool all summer.

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