Big savings on heating costs this winter

We are so not out of the woods yet when it comes to winter.

  • It’s funny how that works.

It’s now March and I have been happily noticing that there has been less heating demand as the winter is waning. That got me all excited about my favorite season, the Spring. But of course, we are about to get another big dump of snow and a deep freeze this coming weekend. It’s like the winter never ends up here. And for a guy who is not native to the area, this sort of winter can be miserable. At least this year, the winter wasn’t both miserable and expensive. I’m most miserable in the winter because I hate cold and I don’t like be stuck inside with gas furnace for months. I’m not into winter sports at all so I spend a lot of time inside my home with the heating. This is tough for me since I spent winters growing up with mild temperatures that allowed me to be outside whenever. Yet, thanks to some effort on my part, the miserable was not combined with the expensive this winter. For the first time, I decided that I’d check out the HVAC company website to learn just how to winterize my house. The heating costs had gotten to be a bit staggering and I was sick of paying all that to sit inside and mope all winter. Sealing up the house and keeping the heating in and the cold out sure paid off. We’re down twenty percent when it comes to heating costs this winter.

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