Duct cleaning to improve the indoor air quality

Cooking is a skill not many have mastered. It was a whole mess. We could not get rid of the smoke in the kitchen, and even after opening all the windows, the smell still lingered. The air quality had gone from average to poor. We tried cranking up the AC but received a little reprieve from that. The HVAC unit ought to have been enough to get us out of our sticky situation, but nothing happened. The reason we were in desperate need of a solution was that we were having some friends over for dinner. I had burned the dessert, and smoke, or the smell of it, was not something one would want to experience during dinner. It would be uncomfortable and even make some lose their appetite. I searched for quick DIY fixes with the hopes of getting a solution. We had already done most of them. The only other thing we had yet to try was a whole-home air purification system. We had never had an air purifier to help with indoor comfort because we had never had a significant issue. It was still early afternoon, and I wanted to finish baking the dessert so that it could cool and be ready to eat by dinner time. Since ordering additional air quality systems from the HVAC company was not an option, we called for home services. The HVAC technician came an hour later and undertook HVAC maintenance. The HVAC professional also cleaned the air filter. The local contractor also inspected the ductwork and did duct cleaning so that we could get the desired results. By dinner time, the indoor air was pleasant, and one would not have guessed that the house had a choking smoke smell just a few hours before.


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