First day of the HVAC technician’s vacation

Today has been a great day for this HVAC technician named Mark. He woke up around 8 am feeling good with no HVAC business needs to attend to. Mark shut off his phone because he didn’t want to get any emergency HVAC calls and knew his twin brother John will be taking care of things. The good thing about running your own HVAC business with your twin brother is that you know you can trust each other. This 2 week vacation for Mark and his family is something they all needed. Mark works a lot when he is home. He and John are the only two HVAC techs in the small town they live in. His wife Barbara is a school teacher that works with 20 plus children a day and if she’s not at the school with these kids she is at home grading their school work. Their kids Marcia and Brady are in their teens and just a few years away from graduation. Marcia still has 2 years left and Brady has 3. They are both extremely smart and want to help their dad with the HVAC business when they get older but they pick up little tidbits of information here and there because they know they are going to have a say when their dad and his brother pass on the company to Mark’s and John’s children. So today, the first day of vacation of 2 weeks will be Mark’s family traveling to the south and spending time on the beach, relaxing and most importantly no HVAC business.


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