Heat and a/c products for the day

I have to go to my bank and get some stuff fixed with my account, which I am kind of dreading because I know there will be a long line of people there today.

I need to pay my power bill but I am having problems getting text messages. Maybe I can take my iPad along and just do some work in the bank while I wait. I could be there for an hour and get a lot of work done actually, so maybe a trip to the bank won’t be that bad afterall. I need to hit the local business after that and get some heating and a/c products for my HVAC system. I want to clean the unit inside and out so it is ready for the hot summer that will be here in no time. This summer should be hot and air conditioning is going to be a priority as it gets really hot in my flat without any climate control system to help us stay cool. I think going to the bank and doing some work is my plan for today so I can get this monkey off my back once and for all. I would like to get heated floors for next winter because I have gone through a lot of pairs of wool socks this winter and could have bought a partial radiant heated floor system for my flat. Wool socks are not cheap and I don’t like throwing them away when they get holes in the bottom of them from sliding around the floors all day.

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