HVAC technician driving on vacation

A 2 week vacation sounds great but the first couple of days I spend my time driving my family to our destination. I spend a lot of time in my car stuck in traffic jams, listening to my wife talk about all the food she wants to eat and my children are basically quiet with their headphones on playing games on their tablets. The radio signal dips in and out as we travel from state to state with different stations we need to tune into. That is the most frustrating thing about the drive. I get into something and then it fizzles out. The drive is extensive and I think about things that my brother and I can do to improve our HVAC business. We are always busy and sometimes I just brainstorm ideas and jot them down on paper or use the note section on my cellphone but my cellphone will remain off until the last day of this vacation. Luckily for me, I have done this drive many times so I know what routes to take so navigation isn’t a problem. As I continue to drive I think that it might be time for my brother and I to hire a new HVAC technician. Family time is important, more important than our jobs and we are not getting any younger. A new HVAC technician or possibly more can free up our time a bit to spend time with our families. In addition, we might be able to expand a bit more to the local business or more if we had more hands on deck. I’m just tired of doing tedious jobs like replacing air filters for Mr. Angle every month and I feel it’s time to branch out more.

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