I gave the smart thermostat a shot

My one buddy always gives me ideas to try or he suggests things that I should do.

This morning when a friend of mine suggested I give a smart thermostat a try, I admittedly had my doubts at first.

Since I didn’t understand the benefit of having a smart thermostat, I was initially dubious. After all, I have a standard Dial thermostat that has worked well for me the entire time. Why would I need a smart thermostat? What makes a smart thermostat so unique that I should purchase one as opposed to just keeping my existing, perfectly functional items? Stephanie is a high school friend of mine, and she really enjoys all things related to heating and cooling. She means well, but I don’t really believe I need it. She is required to work independently, and she is constantly gushing to me about how much she enjoys being able to manage her affairs via phone. That is nice and all, but maybe I’m just old-fashioned, but I don’t understand the point of controlling my phone when I can easily just go to my house and turn the dial to change the temperature. But after my friend informed me of the smart success, I made the decision to eventually give it a shot. I must admit that I was a little hesitant, but she gave me a free smart thermostat and I wasn’t going to refuse a free thermostat. I had to give it a shot, therefore. I used it for about a week before switching back to my dial thermostat because, as I said, I’m just old-fashioned.


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