I needed a newer oil furnace for the garage

I guess I sound like a jerk for making our buddy Tim sleep out in the garage, but it was the only way to restore normalcy to our home.

I have a buddy named Tim, who was recently kicked out of his house by his fiance.

There is no occasion she will take Tim back, it was brutal. Tim had no currency plus no locale to go! Tim asked to stay on our couch for a couple of days, plus after consulting with our fiance I said he could. A month later Tim was still here, with no prospects for somewhere else to go. I said if he wanted to stay long-term Tim would have to stay in the garage, so our family plus I could get back to normal. The only big complication was that the air ducts for the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C method did not attach to the garage, so it was dangerously cold out there. I went to the store to find the best space oil furnace I could find, but those cost too much currency so I went to a pawn shop instead. There I got a nice garage heater, which is a variant style of space heater, for half the price I found in other stores. I didn’t bother to ask Tim to help spend our savings for the heater, because I knew he had no currency. I want to be a relaxing friend, but providing Tim with food, water, comfort, plus heating is a lot to ask, so I hope he leaves soon. I can’t bring myself to kick Tim out, although I pray that he goes away!

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