I ultimately decided to read a book on HVAC units

I’ve been wanting to read a book about heating and cooling for the past week.

I intend to enter the heating and air conditioning business.

As I gave it more thought, it became clearer to me that I wanted to work as an HVAC technician. Although I knew it wouldn’t be simple, I still wanted to return to school and earn my HVAC certification. I never attended college after I graduated from high school because it wasn’t really my thing. At the time, I didn’t fit it because I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. College, in my opinion, is only appropriate for those who have their plans made because, if not, you risk making the same mistakes that so many others have. It is similar to enrolling in college without knowing what you want to major in, where you then choose a course of study that you believe you will enjoy even though you don’t. I’m saying that because everyone else is telling you to do it, you are simply feeling under pressure to comply. Instead of performing the task for yourself, you are doing it for others. Because you did something you didn’t want to do and were forced into it, you now have thousands of dollars in debt and little to show for it. Because of a friend of mine who experienced this exact circumstance, I am aware of all of this. However, once I had graduated from high school and had only been working at other jobs for a while, I had really gotten to know who I was, and I had discovered that I was fascinated by the work that involved heating and cooling. Even though I’ve been trying to repair units on the side, I suppose you wouldn’t find it on the list of most people’s dream jobs. Nevertheless, it’s something I’m passionate about. Only quick fixes are being carried out under expert supervision. I made the decision to proceed after giving it some thought. I’m going back to school to earn my HVAC certification and work in the heating and cooling industry!


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