I was talking to the wife of the HVAC technician.

I can’t say I was friends with the HVAC technician, but he had been the only HVAC technician to come to our house, in almost fifteen years. So, when he didn’t show up this last time, I was worried. I called the HVAC company and they told me he wasn’t feeling well, but he should be back to work in a month or so. I was really worried now. It took me a while to find one of my nosy neighbors who knew the phone number for the HVAC technician. I called and asked how Howard was feeling, and told then I told her I was one of his customers. I gave her my name and she said Howard considered us friends. She knew he was at our house at least three times a year, and he told her we had often invited them to picnics, but he felt like it wasn’t right to go. I told her we also considered him like a friend and asked if he was well. She told me he had fallen at a customer’s home and broken his tailbone. The ice was slick and the customer refused to go outside and put any non-slip material on the ice. He would be laid up for another month or so. I offered to do anything we could to help. She was grateful for the call and told me she would send Howard our well wishes. When I told my husband what gad happened to the HVAC technician, he gave me an odd look. He asked how I knew what happened to him. I said I was talking to the wife of the HVAC technician, and which one of our nosy neighbors knew their address and phone number.

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