I was unable to operate the thermostat

I don’t really want to talk about it but even admitting that I have trouble using my new thermostat makes me feel extremely embarrassed. I purchased a smart thermostat because everyone raved about how great they are, but I must admit that I’ve been struggling to figure out exactly how to make it function. Simply put, there are a ton of buttons and choices! It can sometimes feel a little overwhelming, and it’s a lot more complicated than my dial thermostat. I don’t understand how this new technology is supposed to make things simpler, but I feel like it actually makes things more complicated. My personal opinion is that I preferred my old dial thermostat because it served its intended purpose better. I don’t need my thermostat to be smart, all I need is for it to function as a thermostat. My granddaughter gave me a smart thermostat as a gift, and I installed it because I believed it to be cutting-edge heating and cooling technology. Before I tried to use it, that sounded nice in theory. I don’t know how she did it, but she just breezed through the setup process like it was nothing. She helped me set it up, and as she did I realized how simple it actually was. But even after it was set up, I was unable to operate it, so I told her I wanted my old dial thermostat back, and she assisted me in making that happen. In the absence of her assistance, I would have had to pay an unnecessary fee to a heating and cooling technician.

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