In a professional setting, proper ventilation is vital

His name is Jim, plus he is moonlighting with us as a minute job

I am the manager, host, plus expediter at the diner. This means that while I don’t cook, I am the boss of all the cooks, plus it’s our job to keep things running smoothly. I make the labor schedule every week, I supervise the line, plus I also manage the waiters to make sure our clients stay blissful. It is a pretty difficult job, but it’s a labor of love! I have l acquired that one of the most important things about managing the diner is ensuring correct ventilation plus weather conditions control. When the cooling system doesn’t labor it makes the chefs hot, sweaty, plus irritable, which does not translate to great cooking. Ventilation is even more important because separate from that the living room begins to smell bad, plus it ruins the indoor air quality for the entire place. No one wants to go out for a nice meal plus have to grimace over the terrible odors plus bad air quality of a dining hall with no ventilation. I have a local Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C tech who works with our diner on a regular basis. His name is Jim, plus he is moonlighting with us as a minute job. Jim’s day job is with a big air conditioning corporation, although I spend our savings on him “under the table” to perform basic cleaning, maintenance, plus upkeep for our ventilation system. My whole keeps the cooking areas scrubbed plus neat at all times, plus Jim makes sure the ventilation method is just as clean! Without Jim’s yearly duct plus exhaust method cleanings, the food my team and I make wouldn’t be nearly as tasty.


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