Nickels in my ductwork

My coworkers and I are regularly playing tricks on each other, one of the men left a fish in the back of my truck plus the inside of the work truck smelled for days! Another guy let all of the air out of our tire and I had to spend an extra 5 minutes pumping it back up before I could leave for an HVAC repair.

Something truly crazy and funny happened to me on Wednesday.

I had no idea that our coworkers were playing a trick on me. When I got home from work, it seemed like there was an unusual sound in the house. I could not truly figure out what the sound was, but I investigated until I realized that that odd noise was coming from a part in my room. The noise sounded odd and like nothing that I can remember recognizing in the past. I ended up going into the attic so I could investigate the air duct and the section upstairs. I carefully went into the attic with our flashlight. I broke into the piece of air duct and I found a bag of nickels inside. It was a small Ziploc bag with numerous nickels. After I removed the bag, I still heard an odd sound in the air duct. This time it was coming from a different area. I found another bag of 7 nickels. I was truly and totally freaked out. I called one of my coworkers, and he told me that there must be ghosts in our house. I could hear someone laughing in the background. I don’t know how the men got into our house, but they were the ones who put the bags in the air duct.

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