Tips for protecting your books using superior air quality

Comic books can be quite expensive.

Take it from me, I’m a professional appraiser with a specialty in evaluating the worth of books, comic books, plus other collectables… Collectables is a euphemism for “old toys” which can also be super expensive.

I am with an insurance corporation, so whenever someone needs to insure their comic book collection I am the person to take a look plus assign a price point to the comics. I assure you I appreciate our job. I have been a fan of comic books our whole life, plus have a big collection of our own. The most important aspect of maintaining a collection is by having superior indoor air quality. Without the highest levels of indoor air quality, your collection is bound to beginning developing little problems like black mold or mildew, then even moderate levels of humidity can make the pages start sticking together, so above everything else get a dehumidifier for your collection room… Buy the nicest, most powerful dehumidifier that you can afford, plus leave it running at all times. If you have a lot of extra currency to invest in a new weather conditions control system, I recommend that you get one of those. Along with a smart thermostat, a dedicated weather conditions control method for your collection room will monitor all the levels plus keep your comic books safe plus secure. I totally understand that this requires a whole lot of investment, so beginning with a dehumidifier plus take it from there. I have a few clients with collections so expensive that I mandate they have to install a dedicated weather conditions control system, or my buddies and I won’t insure their comics.



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