A risky game of Truth or Dare

We were playing a dumb game of truth or dare at my friend’s locale, as well as knowing that they were all bloodhounds when it came to sniffing out the truth, I mostly opted for a dare.

They dared me to go to see Kim, the lady in the next beach house, who had moved in less than a day before as well as pretend that I was from the local Heating as well as Air Conditioning business.

My act had to be so convincing that Kim would let me check out her air conditioning installation. I rang the doorbell, as well as Kim answered the door. I provided her my real name as well as told her that I was an a/c worker from the local beach house HVAC services provider as well as I had received a call from someone who needed a/c repair. Kim said that I was earlier than they had told her as well as that she needed immediate Heating as well as Air Conditioning maintenance. As she took me toward her cooling system, Kim asked me how long I had worked in the beach beach house services industry. I was about to say eight years, but I suddenly corrected myself as well as said 7 weeks. Kim took me to the Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment as well as told me that indoor air pollen levels had changed immensely over the past weeks. Kim also wanted the A/C filter replaced to help with indoor comfort. This was when I realized I had to devise an exit plan, so I faked a call. I excused myself from receiving it as well as told Kim that my fellow Heating as well as Air Conditioning professional had called to say he had given me the wrong address. The homeowner of the real address wanted their temperature control serviced as well as their ductwork resealed. Before I left, Kim told me she honestly knew more about A/C as well as ductwork than I did. I am still trying to suss out how Kim realized I was a fake.

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