Advantages of heat pump over air conditioner

My house was already outfitted with a natural gas furnace when we moved in.

There was no centralized air conditioning.

Since we’re located in the northeastern area of the country, the weather is chilly and wet for the majority of the year. We require heating for approximately eight months and experience temperatures down to negative twenty-five. A whole-house cooling system isn’t necessary. While the summer season is typically quite short, we do get some high temperatures and excessive humidity. I was unwilling to sacrifice aesthetics and the view from my windows with portable air conditioners. I decided to invest into central AC and got in touch with a local HVAC provider. The technician recommended a heat pump instead of an air conditioner. Since heat pumps cost a lot more to purchase and install, I was suspicious about his motives. However, when I read up on the advantages of a heat pump, I changed my mind. Partnering an electric heat pump with a natural gas furnace is called a dual fuel system and provides unique benefits. The peat pump offers both heating and cooling capacity. It acts just like an air conditioner in cooling mode, using refrigerant to convey heat out of the house. When the weather cools off, the system reverses the flow of refrigerant. Rather than burn fossil fuels to create heat, it finds ambient heat in the outside air and transports it indoors. This process is a lot less expensive than running the furnace. For the majority of the year, the heat pump handles our comfort needs. When the outdoor conditions drop below freezing, the furnace automatically takes over and covers the workload for as long as necessary.

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