Almost 6 months since I changed my HVAC air filters

Sometimes over a period of time I forget to do certain things. There are some errands and jobs that come first on the list of priorities. For instance, some of the most important things I need to do are laundry, cooking, and cleaning. The removal of weeds from the garden and taking out the trash are additional tasks. I usually don’t forget to do these tasks and errands because I do them on a weekly basis. However, some jobs are so low on the priority list that they frequently go uncompleted. My replacement of the HVAC air filter is one instance of this. The HVAC air filter should be changed every 90 days, but it has been close to six months and I have yet to do so. I only ever see the air filter when I go to replace it, so I don’t see it very often. It isn’t ever seen because it is covered by the HVAC unit. Additionally, I never think to pick up a new air filter when I go to the store because it is the last thing on my list. Now that I’ve realized how detrimental a dirty air filter can be to the HVAC system, I’ve finally had enough. In order to get a pack of three filters that will arrive in about two days, I placed an online order. Thankfully, the air filter wasn’t that dirty when I checked it, but it still needs to be changed. The HVAC system will operate as efficiently as possible if the air filter is changed as advised.

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