Almost got caught in my lie about the A/C dealer

I was drinking my minute glass of iced pop when my mother walked in from work; She looked exhausted plus worn out. I gave her a milkshake I had made earlier plus put it in the fridge. From the expression on his face, I could tell the 1st sip was pure bliss. Satisfied, I returned to the couch to continue watching my film, however before I sat down, he asked if the Heating plus A/C specialist had come. I nearly spilled my iced pop because I had utterly forgotten to call the Heating plus A/C dealer 2 afternoons back, which is when he had told myself and others to. I had to think fast because Mom would be furious. I told Mom that the apartment services dealership had called back plus said that more about the air conditioner needed to be done because, from what I had explained to them, the temperature control really had a problem. It was going to be a majorly extensive Heating plus A/C maintenance. I am not sure what that meant, however luckily he believed my story, plus since he had finished the milkshake, he went to his living room. I suddenly dashed for the PC, made the call, plus explained to the cooling system worker all the issues I had noticed with the Heating plus A/C unit. Since it was late in the evening, so they told myself and others they would come the following afternoon. I was stoked that the cooling industry did not have a long waiting time because my mother would have caught myself and others in a big lie. The Heating plus A/C professional arrived minutes after my mother had left for work plus immediately started toiling on the air conditioning replacement. He sealed 2 small leaks in the HVAC duct plus upgraded the AC filter to help with indoor comfort. The difference in the air quality was apparent, especially since he cleaned the air duct.


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