Heat plus air conditioning system swings through the years

We have come a genuinely long way when it comes to the advancement of heating, ventilation and A/C technology; but over the last 20 years alone there have been many advancements! If you genuinely think about it, 2 decades ago my buddy and I would not have imagined the concept of things like smart control units, warm radiant heated floors plus even smart heating, ventilation and A/C units; also, central heating, ventilation and A/C itself was not that typical yet in people’s homes because the cost was still pretty high to have it… Then many were still using window air conditioning units plus gas heating systems plus gas gas furnaces, however all that has changed now! Today it is pretty rare that you will come into someone’s home plus find that they do not have central heating, ventilation and A/C in there.

  • Also nearly most people on the planet have smart control units now.

It has become the norm when it comes to what genre of control units people run their central heating, ventilation and A/C machine units with. I was a bit late to the game as I only got our genuinely first smart control machine about 5 years ago. But I can also tell you that I would never be able to go back to a typical control machine after experiencing a smart control machine for so long now, but heating plus air conditioning technology has surely changed so much over the last 2 decades for sure! And I embrace it all the way. I would never want to go back to the way that things used to be 20 years ago.


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