Heating plus A/C maintenance at the movie multiplex

The new film had been advertised for weeks, plus everyone anticipated its premiere, then my buddy Sam plus I had tickets to the premiere plus could not wait.

The trailer was so excellent, so I was hoping it wouldn’t be 1 of those films where the movie trailer was a show-stopper while the actual film could not live up to the hype; Our fingers were crossed.

The main actors played various exciting roles, so I loved how they morphed into each part. Before the premiere, however, Sam and I had to continue with life’s everyday hustle plus bustle. I work for a Heating plus A/C dealer that offers local apartment services. About 3 weeks before the premiere, Sam and I received a request to check on the air conditioner at the filmplex where the premiere was taking place. As Sam and I headed to the arena with the other cooling system workers, I recall thinking that the Heating plus A/C maintenance was in preparation for the film premiere. Sam and I evaluated the entire air conditioning replacement, plus the only thing that seemed as if it had been a while since it was taken care of was the HVAC duct. Two of the Heating plus A/C specialists were placed in charge of duct cleaning, but with the air duct clean, I upgraded the AC filters to improve the indoor air quality. The manager was cheerful with our service plus thanked all the Heating plus A/C professionals for all our work to help with indoor comfort, but later that afternoon I called Sam plus told his all about the job at the cinema. It was my first time in that film theater since it was relatively new. Sam had never been there plus wanted every little detail about the place.
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