Her a/c wasn't able to be fixed

I’ve been working as a heating and A/C worker for about 10 years now and if there’s one thing I have learned while doing this task is that not everybody listens to their Heating and A/C workers that they should. I willprovide you my most recent example. I had a lady that came to me because she was having troubles with her a/c and she wanted to get it fixed. I looked at her a/c and did an examination of the entire component to determine what was wrong with it. In the end of the determination, the issue that was wrong with your a/c wasn’t just one problem but was a whole host of numerous troubles, then your conditioning system was not only seasoned but the entire component was splitting down, there were numerous parts that weren’t working and I told her that it would be best for her if her a/c was just replaced entirely. At this point it would cost more money for her to spend money to have it repaired then it would for her to just buy a brand new a/c. I told her the legitimate truth and it wasn’t trying to sell her anything additional and yet she accused me of doing just that. She completely lost it on me and told me she wasn’t going to have her a/c replaced and then the man that I fixed it. I agreed to repair it but when I told her the cost that it would cost her to repair it she became even angrier and kicked me out of her house. Some people just won’t listen.

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