How did a stuffed bunny get in the ductwork?

We had initially contacted the Heating as well as Air Conditioning business for Heating as well as Air Conditioning maintenance.

  • Then I decided to add ductwork cleaning as an afterthought.

My wife Sally and I have a four-year-old. And the last time Sal and I cleaned the vents was a month before Sal and I brought him to the beachside house from the hospital; from what Sal and I knew, it was about time for it. The beachside HVAC services truck was packed in our driveway by early in the afternoon. The Heating as well as Air Conditioning worker is set to work. He started off by cleaning the ductwork as well as discovered a leak. The a/c worker showed us the heavy dirt as well as grime that came from the vents. The other surprising thing was a stuffed toy Sal and I purchased for Keith when he was just weeks old. My pal and I had yet to learn how it had gotten in ducts or when Sal and I had forgotten all about it. The temperature control was less than a year old, as well as no problems were detected. Sal and I were shocked when my fantastic friend and I were told that our old air conditioning idea had some troubles Sal and I had not noticed. The ductwork was not in terrible condition, but Sally and I needed to replace the A/C filter. A/c repairs were done to ensure that the air conditioning installation worked optimally as well as the air quality was at its best. Our Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment provides help with indoor comfort once more. From then on, Sal and I took it upon ourselves to learn more about air conditioning so that by the time Sal and I needed up-to-date equipment, Sal and I would be well aware of the costs as well as functionality of each style of unit. In the meantime, Sal and I would figure out how to clean the lost as well as finding the stuffed bunny.


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