I'm prepared for anything as an HVAC worker

This is of course to be expected.

After working in the heating and cooling supplier for around 20 years now I think I have seen everything. There have been some definitely weird things I have seen although I would like to tell the story of the weirdest thing that I had seen yet, of course there are your average people that take enjoyable care of their Heating and cooling systems, the people that do not know anything about eating an A/C technology, and then the people that just cannot be bothered to take care of their HVAC systems! And none of these groups are the ones I am talking about, but instead I am talking about the one time that I went to service an seasoned lady’s home, but she’s been reporting some troubles with her a/c but when I went over to her house to see what she was with her a/c she showed me where her heating and A/C system was at first. This is of course to be expected. I had to know where the HVAC system was and I was going to maintenance it. The strangest thing was this entire outdoor HVAC component was in her powder room! It was the strangest thing I have ever seen, but unfortunately for her she was also having an issue with the rats getting inside her heating and A/C system and so the moment I opened the a/c units to take a look at what was wrong with it there must have been like 10 rats that ran out all over me she was embarrassed and I was horrified. I was able to repair her a/c that afternoon, but I am making a circle appointment with her to have her key and Macy system moves. I have never seen an outdoor HVAC system inside a house for some reason.

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