I'm ready for anything as an HVAC expert

After working in the heating plus cooling supplier for around 20 years now I feel I have seen everything. There have been some legitimately different things I have seen even though I would like to tell the story of the weirdest thing that I had seen yet, however of course there are your average people that take great care of their Heating plus cooling systems, the people that do not know anything about eating an AC technology, plus then the people that just can’t be bothered to take care of their HVAC systems, however and none of these groups are the ones I am talking about, instead I am talking about the one time that I went to repair an outdated lady’s home… She’s been reporting some concerns with her a/c system but when I went over to her household to see what she was with her a/c system she showed me where her heating plus AC system was at first. This is of course to be expected. I had to know where the HVAC system was plus I was going to maintenance it. The strangest thing was this entire outdoor HVAC component was in her bathroom! It was the strangest thing I have ever seen, unluckyly for her she was also having an issue with the rats getting inside her heating plus AC system plus so the moment I opened the a/c units to take a look at what was wrong with it there must have been like 10 rats that ran out all over me she was embarrassed plus I was horrified. I was able to repair her a/c system that day, but I am making a circle appointment with her to have her key plus Macy system moves. I have never seen an outdoor HVAC system inside a household for some reason.

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