In her room, my sister has a window air conditioner

I enjoy traveling to see my sister Jen because I get to see my niece and nephew.

It’s wonderful that I get to spend time with them because they are growing so quickly.

I visited her a few weeks ago because they were having a paint party for her youngest daughter, who was turning 3 at the time. Both children and adults enjoyed the party and took part in all the activities. Along with many other activities, we painted, ate cake, played games, and danced. Anyway, even though I enjoy visiting Jen, sometimes it can be awkward. Jen likes to keep her thermostat on the lowest setting. It is set to 62 degrees, which isn’t the lowest, but it is low. As a result, her home is always cold, and whenever I visit, I dress warmly by donning sweatpants, socks, and a blanket. Even though playing with the kids can be challenging in conditions that are cold, they don’t seem to mind how chilly the house is. Maybe they are simply accustomed to it. In her room, Jen has a window air conditioner that she uses every night in addition to keeping the thermostat at 62 degrees. The house is already cold, so I find that confusing. Her room is obviously freezing, and it feels like entering one. She uses a window air conditioner in addition to a central air conditioner, so I shudder to think how much her utility bill must be. These two pieces of machinery shouldn’t be operating at the same time, in my opinion. Anyway, I enjoy visiting my sister despite the chilly air conditioner. The best part is that I’ll only be there for a short while.


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