My sister's room has a window air conditioner

Because I get to see my niece and nephew when I visit my sister Jen, I enjoy doing so.

The fact that I get to spend time with them is wonderful because they are growing so quickly.

They had a paint party for her third birthday when I visited her a few weeks ago. Her youngest daughter was turning 3. Both children and adults took part in the festivities at the party, which was a lot of fun. We did a lot of other things as well, like dance, play games, eat cake, and paint. Nevertheless, even though I enjoy visiting Jen, sometimes it can be awkward. Jen enjoys maintaining the lowest temperature on her thermostat. It’s set to 62 degrees, which isn’t the lowest, but it’s close. This means that her house is always cold, so whenever I visit her, I make sure to dress warmly by wearing sweats, socks, and a blanket. The kids don’t seem to mind the cold in the house, even though it can be difficult to play with them when it’s that cold. They might simply be accustomed to it. Jen uses the window air conditioner inside her room every night in addition to keeping the thermostat at 62 degrees. The house is already cold, so I’m perplexed by that. Needless to say, entering her room is like entering an ice box. She uses both a window air conditioner and a central air conditioner, so I can’t even begin to imagine how much her utility bill must be. These two pieces of equipment shouldn’t be operating simultaneously, in my opinion. I love visiting my sister, despite the chilly air conditioner, though. And best of all, my stay there will only last a few days.
a/c worker