Reading about today’s HVAC tech

I read quite a bit.

I learn a lot of new things while doing this.

I love scientology and space. You can find me in the library for hours trying to take up as much information as I could. It doesn’t stop there though, I will read up on anything that I can learn from. I recently read and studied a variety of topics, including state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems. Reading about the numerous modifications that have been made to the heating and cooling techniques of today as compared to those of the past was incredibly interesting. The essence of heating and cooling technology has been improved in a variety of ways. Things like radiant heated floors, smart thermostats, smart heating and air conditioning systems, HVAC zone control, and even portable space heaters and portable air conditioning systems are much more powerful than the ones they used to make some years ago. These are just a few of the many topics I read about in regard to the current heating and cooling technology. To tell you the whole truth about it all really astounded me. I had no idea how much heating and air conditioning technology had advanced in the previous few years to a decade. Being completely honest with you all really isn’t in my best interest, so I guess I just don’t keep up with contemporary heating and air conditioning technology. I constantly use heating and cooling systems, but they have never been my main interests. But I’m glad I learned more about the heating and cooling systems used today! It was a very enlightening experience.

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