Starting my own heating and cooling dealer

It wasn’t an simple thing to do but I decided to start my own heating and A/C dealer.

The reason I decided to start my own heating and A/C was how many other Heating and A/C suppliers in my area were charging an arm and a leg for basically heating and AC services.

In my opinion, charging this much currency just for basic air conditioning services was like robbery and I did not want to be like that. I had always wanted my own contractor but I never quite knew what it was and I wanted to go into it, that was until I saw the concern with the heating and A/C businesses. It wasn’t just one Heating and AC contractor that was guilty of these practices, it was many of them, however someone had to do something about it and so I made the decision of how somebody was going to be me. So I did tons of research for the next two years on how to start up your own contractor and for the first time I entirely feel like I was going somewhere in life. I was entirely lucky because I had a group of supportive people around me that helped me out with my contractor and after those two heavy years of research I successfully launched my own Heating and A/C business… Best part is that I have the cheapest prices of anybody else in town and as such I get the most business! All the research and work I put into building this Heating and Cooling contractor has paid off because now I’m the owner of a successful dealer.

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