Stuffed toy stuck in the HVAC duct

I initially called the Heating plus A/C dealership for Heating plus A/C maintenance plus decided to add cleaning the HVAC ducts as an afterthought.

My associate Sam and I have a four-year-old.

And the last time Sam and I cleaned the vents was a month before Sam and I brought him back to our apartment from the hospital; from what Sam and I knew, it was about time for it. The apartment services truck was backed in our driveway by 2 in the afternoon. The Heating plus A/C specialist got to work. He started by cleaning the air duct plus discovered a leak. The cooling system worker showed us all of the dirt plus grime that came from the vents. The other surprising thing was a stuffed toy Sam and I bought Keith when he was just months old. Sam and I had yet to learn how it had gotten in ducts or when my pal and I had forgotten all about it. The temperature controls were less than a year old, plus no problems were detected. Sam and I were shocked when my pal and I were told that our quality air conditioner had some complications Sam and I had not noticed. The air duct was not in bad condition, however my pal and I needed to upgrade the old AC filter. A/c service was done to ensure that the air conditioning replacement worked optimally plus the indoor air quality was at its finest. The Heating plus A/C unit provides a lot of help with indoor comfort once more. From then on, Sam and I took it upon ourselves to learn more about air conditioning so that by the time Sam and I needed new equipment, Sam and I would be well aware of the costs plus functionality of each style of unit. In the meantime, Sam and I would figure out how to scrub the lost plus found the stuffed bunny.

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