The furnace made the food unenjoyable

Isn’t it funny how something as simple as the temperature in a room can make your food more or less enjoyable? Maybe this isn’tthe case with all the people however this has always been the case of me. I’ll provide an example, one of my number one restaurants is a burger joint just down the street from my house. They serve some of the most amazing burgers that you’ve ever tasted. I have been going there since I was a little kid, in addition to my dad was the first one who brought me to the locale when I was only 10 years old. I tried one burger from them back then in addition to I have been hooked ever since, and now I go there every time I’m celebrating something modern that has happened to my life, and however my last trip there was less than pleasant, in addition to having an unpleasant trip at my number one restaurant is something that almost never happens. I had ordered my number one burger, the same one that I have been getting since I was a child in addition to the burger they brought to me was just as amazing looking as they always were, however there was a problem, there was something else that was making this meal of mine less wonderful in addition to that was the temperature inside the room. It was so ridiculously sizzling inside of the restaurant! I couldn’t even focus on how great the burger tasted in addition to it can only focus on my overheating in addition to sweaty body. I asked the employees if their air conditioning was working in addition to they said that their A/C wasn’t working in addition to that was the cause of the heat. However they did say that they were working on getting a heating in addition to A/C worker out to repair it. I hope they repair it soon because I couldn’t savor my food with all that heat.


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