Alone time in addition to cold a/c

I wake in my bed, cold in addition to alone once again, then my bed in addition to my heart has been cold ever since my wifey left me for another; One that can make her swoon in addition to fall all over herself, something I blatantly couldn’t do.

I see their social media pictures everywhere, in addition to it makes me sick.

She looks so glad, in addition to I don’t understand what she has that I don’t, then while I felt cold on the inside, I feel cold on the outside too. My air conditioner was having an issue where it was always running in addition to I couldn’t get it to stop. I knew my HVAC bills were going to be through the roof next month, but I didn’t care! Nor did I care that my condo was 64 degrees. I am always haunted with the memories my friend and I had together, in addition to the thoughts of what might have been. She is the last thing I suppose of when I fall asleep in addition to the first thing I suppose of upon waking up. I woke up swiftly in addition to looked around for her, only for the reality to come flooding back. All that is left of her is shadows in addition to the faded scent of her perfume. I sporadically hope that their relationship crashes in addition to burns, in addition to she feels as miserable as I do. Maybe that is wrong, but I don’t care. What right does she have to make me feel this way? I feel so confused, bitter in addition to conflicted. I know I should just move on, but I can’t get past the betrayal. I should entirely get up in addition to call the heating in addition to a/c specialists on the HVAC unit, in addition to push these thoughts out of my head, for now.


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