He had passed all his HVAC exams

My child has made me the proudest mom in the world, plus I’m so excited for him! He managed to put himself through university plus he just told me he passed his HVAC exams.

This means he is on his way to getting his HVAC certification.

After that, he can apply for HVAC serviceman jobs plus begin working. I think he will start as an apprentice which is what my good friend and I do in the plumbing world. I’ve been a plumber for 15 years, plus I prefer what I do. When my good friend and I get modern graduates at the plumbing supplier, my good friend and I start by training them about the job. This includes going with them to the job sites plus showing them how the labor is done. They come from university with the theory about plumbing, plus my good friend and I help them get experience for the job. Apprenticeship is important since there are several skills that you can only learn on the job. I’m excited that my child is done with university after doing his final exams. And now he can start the real training to become a HVAC serviceman. He even has to learn how to interact with the odd customers that he’ll meet on the job. I tried to explain to him everything I know about working in the real world. However, he has to experience things for himself. Hopefully, he gets a position at a appealing supplier with a good apprenticeship program, cheers to him plus I pray he finds all the happiness plus success in his modern HVAC career. He will be house soon plus my good friend and I plan on celebrating his achievement.