I am going to technical school for the heating and cooling classes

I am going to the technical university here in neighborhood to get my heating and cooling certification.

I’ve been looking forward to starting at the university for a long time now, and I’m excited that it’s almost time.

I have waited to get into the HVAC program for months now and so I am absolutely ecstatic that it’s almost my turn! The program is the most popular program at this school, and so it was harder to get into than I originally thought that it was going to be. They evidently have a terribly long waiting list to get into the program. I never thought that there would be quite so numerous people out there who wanted to become heating and cooling professionals. I found out the other day that the classes that I am taking are totally full. They told us that if anyone wanted to drop out of a class, they wanted to know about it as soon as possible, so that they could add someone in from the waiting list that had formed. I was absolutely surprised, because I had no idea that the HVAC program was so popular. I feel people just absolutely want to go into some kind of a trade these days. Electrical work and plumbing were not things that I was at all interested in and so I’m ecstatic that I got in on this round of HVAC classes. I can’t wait for classes to start in a few weeks!

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