I could hear the heating system turn on last night

Last week it got up to almost 80 degrees, but sometime in the middle of the night, I heard the heater kick on. I didn’t think last night would get that cold, but it did. The night saw a shift in the weather. Rain was falling and the wind was howling. As midnight approached, the temperature outside dropped from seventy to thirty-six, and the house cooled down nicely. Not forcing my husband to turn on the air conditioner was a wise decision. It was pretty chilly when I woke up, so that’s probably a good thing. When I woke up, the thermostat was set to sixty degrees, and there was a fire burning in the fireplace. I got dinner going for him so he could get to work on time. He assured me that today would see a high volume of repair requests because people had been using air conditioning even though the thermostat was set to heat. With the temperature nearly thirty degrees lower than it had been earlier in the week, normalcy had been restored, and people had forgotten to switch back to heating. Many of his clients had him come to their homes and charge extra for resetting their heating system’s thermostat. It’s better than discovering there’s a problem with the heater or thermostat that my amazing friend and I suddenly forget those little things, like switching from heat to AC. Even though I know my husband, the HVAC technician, will charge them as little as possible, it will still be money out of their pockets that they didn’t have to spend.
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