I was drinking hot chocolate in front of the air conditioning

Perhaps I’ve developed a taste for warm beverages like chai tea and hot chocolate.

In the afternoon today, I sat in front of the window air conditioner with a mug of hot chocolate.

I was sweating buckets and fanning myself, but I just couldn’t put down the cup. Every last drop had to go down my throat or. I couldn’t even fathom the reason. I was aware that there was a problem on my hands. Even though the cold air was blowing directly into my face, I couldn’t bear to cool off with a glass of ice water. Whether it was hot chocolate or chai tea, I knew that I needed that hot, creamy drink or my afternoon would not go as smoothly as it should. I wrapped my hands around the mug of hot cocoa and drank it slowly and steadily. Because of a severe case of head itching, I had to hold my palms in front of the air conditioner to relieve the itch. And then, just two minutes later, I had to do it again. Even though I was about to throw up from the heat of the hot chocolate on my tongue, I chugged it all the way down. After sensing that the heat in my office was making me ill, my husband brought me a tall glass of ice water and instructed me to drink it quickly. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get everything done that afternoon because I hadn’t had my usual quarterly ration of hot chocolate or hot chai tea. Now that my awesome friend and I have turned on the air conditioning for the season, I think I’ll need to start having it with dinner.