Installing a ductless mini-split to get our holiday house ready for a tenant

My partner plus I own a holiday house which my great friend and I only visit once or twice a year if time allows.

My great friend and I decided to rent it to tourists who visit the area.

The last time my great friend and I were there, the digital control component begged for a replacement, the electric heat pump had not received an air conditioning tune-up for a entirely long time, plus it did not help with indoor comfort. My great friend and I could only have it repaired after leaving because my great friend and I needed more time. Since I work from home, I decided to get it fixed plus ensure the home was in a great state before my great friend and I listed it as a rental. On arrival, I called the indoor comfort business. They sent an a/c professional who recommended me to consider buying new air conditioning unit because it was in a disappointing state due to a lack of air conditioning repair over a long period. When I informed my partner, they were hesitant, but I told them that a ductless mini-split was the best way to go since it would be like an investment. My partner, Riley, first consulted our local cooling corporation to ensure that the price for the quality HVAC unit plus HVAC replacement was the same or close enough because it would significantly impact our bank balance. The cooling specialist, Riley, confirmed that the price was right, plus my great friend and I started arranging the new equipment. The new component would be a selling point for our holiday house because help with the indoor comfort was almost better than my great friend and I had back home. I made a few other updates to the house, which was tenant-ready. The pictures I took to put on the website look fabulous, plus I did not doubt that my great friend and I would get a tenant soon.


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