It may be Spring, however, it feels like AC weather

Even though it’s only the middle of April and technically still Spring, the weather the last few days has definitely called for air conditioning.

I’ve asked my husband to help me install window air conditioners because, regardless of the causes of the heat, I cannot stand being in the room.

He reassured me that the temperature would drop to the forties at night and that my awesome roommate and I could always open the window if we were too hot. At night, my amazing friend and I could throw open the windows, but during the day, I was stuck inside. The ceiling fans weren’t cutting it and it was too hot to have the windows open. This afternoon he saw on TV that the weather was supposed to return to normal. As I scowled at my Kindle and tried to focus on my work, he offered me some helpful information. He was playing his games while I was drenched in sweat and at a loss for words. Since lunch, he hadn’t gotten up from the table or his phone games. It was too hot, he said, and he should stay inside. I suggested he do his laundry in the basement, where it would be cooler. We took advantage of the pleasant weather to clean our carpets and hang them to dry outside. He checked his watch and declared that it probably was. The afternoon sun and heat wave had no effect on anyone but me. Never before had I been so infuriated with him. I considered slicing his cell phone in half.


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