My mother informed me I should be an actress. (feigned a faint without AC)

When my mom told me last month that I should be an actress when I grow up, I didn’t think she was being funny.

I gave her the best fake faint she’d ever seen, but alas, she caught me peeking out from behind my eyelids and knew I was just being dramatic.

My room was hot, and I requested that the air conditioner be activated. She did not give in to my melodrama and instead told me to pull myself together. She didn’t turn on the air conditioning just to make me feel better. She instructed me to turn on the fan and draw the curtains during the afternoon. It would be much more comfortable to sleep with the windows open at night. I had to draw the blinds and shut the windows in the afternoon. It was how mom maintained a comfortable temperature at home in the afternoons. I was also instructed to leave the ceiling fan on. Even though she claimed she didn’t, I knew the temperature in her bedroom and the rest of the house was quite comfortable. I was able to “feel the HVAC ducts,” she said. She had the experience to know what to do, and despite my request, she did not turn on the air conditioning. I muttered angrily as I stomped to my room. For good measure, I slammed the door. That night, without telling her, I opened the window and turned on the fan to see if it would help. As soon as I got out of bed, I lowered the blinds and rolled up the window. When I moved into my cabin at college, the temperature in my room dropped.

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