Playing soccer in a temperature controlled environment

After I get my labor done today, I have to eat, take a nap, & head over to language class, then learning a new language is something I´m really gleeful about, & I took the opportunity to enroll in this free course despite giving it too much thought.

It was a no-brainer. After the two-hour class, I usually meet my friends to play soccer, which is something I always look forward to. I recently obtained some new sports gear so I can feel cool when I´m running around in the heat. I am always late for language class, so it’s a superb thing that I have the sports gear on because I often have to run to language class. By the time I arrive in the room, I am perspiring like a pig. The lousy cooling system in the room does not do much to help me cool down either. I don’t know why I don´t ask the teacher to turn the a/c up; I suppose I’m too shy. The tepid & stuffy room really prevents me from enjoying the class, & occasionally it’s hard to focus with the awful temperature control. I always miss my home’s mini split cooling system when I’m there. After my friend and I were done with the class, I rushed out of the building & filled my lungs with fresh air before making my way to the sports center, then unlike the classroom, the sports center had new Heating plus A/C equipment, & I am always nice & cool while playing soccer with my friends. After the game, me & my friends usually go for a cold beer, which is a nice way to end the day.

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