Resting in the a/c

Have you ever had days where you would rather stay condo in addition to just rest in the cool a/c? I would say I have those days, but truthfully I feel like that is every day, and i am a sizable homebody, I don’t genuinely like to leave condo unless it is to do errands.

I have never had the drive to explore the world like some people have.

I would much rather stay condo in my predictable environment, with my comfortable heating in addition to cooling device. I had a day off, in addition to I planned on doing just that. I kicked back in my bed, in addition to turned my cable on. I was about 30 minutes through the show when I realized my room was getting a little bit heated, so I turned on the cooling machine, in addition to turned my ceiling fan on for good measure. It wasn’t long before I could feel the cooling breeze coming through the cooling system vents, in addition to my condo cooled down. I ended up taking a nap shortly afterwards, in addition to then when I did get up, I made myself supper before seeing some videos online in addition to playing some games, however there are some days that it just feels enjoyable to do nothing but relax, in addition to this week was one of those days, and especially since I am going to labor tomorrow, I want to make as much of this week as possible. I’ll have to choice up more air filters tomorrow when I am coming condo from work, I suppose it is about time I change the HEPA air filter in my cooling system machine, it is entirely pretty dirty by now.

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