The constant heat was making me sleepy.

I rarely get sleepy in the middle of the day, but I have been taking a nap early in the afternoon for the last three days.

  • I was sure it was the constant heat that was making me sleepy.

I would get home from work, and it was all I could do to stay awake. I had to lie down or stretch out in my recliner for at least half an hour before I felt like I could do something. I enjoyed getting home early because I still had time to get things done around the house. It had been hot the last week, and I still didn’t have the air conditioning on. I considered turning the AC on, but it was only April. We had plenty of April where it got hot for a short time, and then it went back to the fifties and sixties. I knew the same thing was going to happen this year, but I am older now. I was minding the heat more than I ever had. Not even the ceiling fans were comforting me. I was okay at night when I had the fans on and the windows open, but I couldn’t open the windows during the day. I got home from work, right when the heat was at its highest, and I was tired. I guess I could have turned the air conditioning on in the car, but that is hindsight. I am just going to take my naps, and when it cools off in a couple of days, I’m hoping my body will go back to normal schedules, unless it has already gotten used to those afternoon naps.
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