There isn’t enough money for me to be an HVAC technician.

When it came time to graduate high school, I did all the footwork needed to get into the local college and take their HVAC courses. I had all the information, and I went home to talk to mom and dad. When dad saw the price for the course, he blanched. I asked what was wrong? He told me there wasn’t enough money for me to go to HVAC school and become an HVAC technician. I was about in tears, but I took it like a man, as my dad always told me to take disappointment. I had wanted to be an HVAC technician since I was ten, and I was now forced to realize our dreams didn’t always come true. I went to the school and turned in the paperwork, hoping I could come up with the money before it had to be paid. While there, I saw our local HVAC technician. He was happy to see me signing up for classes, but I told him I wasn’t sure I could afford them. He told me to stand where I was, and he would be right back. Five minutes later, he introduced me to the owner of the HVAC company, and told him all about how much I had bugged him over the years. The owner shook my hand and asked if I had a summer job? When I said no, he simply said I do now. He was going to have me work at the HVAC all summer long, but instead of getting paid money, he was going to pay my way through HVAC school, but I had to sign a contract promising to work for him for six months after getting my certification. I started HVAC school a month later.


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